Record of Youth Review

There’re so many Korean dramas which come out in 2020. Record of Youth is the one which is worth of watching.


Record of Youth

Hye-Jun is a handsome guy, and he becomes a successful model. He has a dream to become a top actor. But he lacks the chance and his family is poor. He doesn’t know there’s a makeup artist Jeong-Ha likes him very much. He sees his photo in her phone so that he asks her if she is his fan. She denies and tells him that she likes her best friend Hae-Hyo.

Hae-Hyo is a top actor because he comes from a rich family, and his mom I-Yeong always supports him. So he gets many chances. But Hye-Jun’s dad Yeong-Nam doesn’t like him to be a actor. He always throws a fit when he mentions his dream. He wants her to be a worker like him.

Hye-Jun’s mom Ae-Suk supports his dream. But she is poor and needs to work for I-Yeong. I-Yeong keeps mentioning Hye-Jun to hurt Ae-Suk, and gives the old clothes which she wants to throw it away to her. She pretends to be nice to her. Ae-Suk knows everything. She bears it for her son.


Sa Hye-Jun (Park Bo-Gum)

He wants to be a top actor, but his path is very hard. He falls for Jeong-Ha after knowing she is a fan of him.

An Jeong-Ha (Park So-Dam)

She is a makeup artist. She is good at makeup so that her colleague Jin-Ju hates her and gives her hard time. She likes Sa Hye-Jun and wants to do everything for him.

Won Hae-Hyo (Byeon Woo-Seok)

He is a top actor because he comes from a rich family. He feels guilty for his best friend Sa Hye-Jun. Because he always take away the job for him, even if he doesn’t intend to do that. He is nervous when An Jeong-Ha is close to Sa Hye-Jun for some reason.

Kim Jin-U (Kwon Soo-Hyun)

He is a photographer. He is also Sa Hye-Jun and Won Hae-Hyo’s friend.

Han Ae-Suk (Ha Hee-Ra)

She is Sa Hye-Jun’s mom. She is a maid who works for I-Yeong.

Kim I-Yeong (Shin Ae-Ra)

She is a housewife. Her job is to make his son to become successful.

Won Tae-Kyeong (Seo Sang-Won)

He is Won Hae-Hyo’s father who is very rich president.

Lee Min-Jae (Shin Dong-Mi)

She is the boss of Sa Hye-Jun. The two worked for Lee Tae-Su. She cannot it while seeing Lee Tae-Su bullying Sa Hye-Jun. So she founded a company to help Sa Hye-Jun.

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