Mine Episode 1

Hi-Soo walks Emma. They see some thugs bully Yu-Yeon. Hi-Soo takes Yu-Yeon away from the thugs. She calls the police. Emma tells Hi-Soo that Yu-Yeon needs to repay the debts her dad owed when the police questions Yu-Yeon.

Mine Episode 1


Hi-Soo drinks tea with Seo-Hyun and asks her to hire Yu-Yeon. She asks her about Ha-Joon’s new teacher. Seo-Hyun tells Hi-Soo that she found a good teacher.

Ja-Kyeong walks in the rain when she holds a red umbrella. Someone picks her up and drives to the castle. Hi-Soo goes downstairs and sees Yu-Yeon. Yu-Yeon bows to Hi-Soo when she smiles at her. Seo-Hyun reviews Ja-Kyeong’s resume.

Hi-Soo reviews Yu-Yeon’s resume at the same time. Yu-Yeon tells Hi-Soo that she’s good at taking care of kids. She reveals she raised her siblings. Hi-Soo thinks Yu-Yeon can take care of Ha-Joon well. So she calls Seo-Hyun. Seo-Hyun tells Ja-Kyeong to be her secretary.

Ja-Kyeong doesn’t reply Seo-Hyun. She bows to Jin-Ho when he shows up. He walks away. Seo-Hyun changes her mind and tells Ja-Kyeong to be Ha-Joon’s teacher. Hi-Soo tells Yu-Yeon that she has to reject her. Seo-Hyun sees Ja-Kyeong off. She notes the red umbrella.

Ja-Kyeong catches the red umbrella. She explains that she forgot it because the rain stopped. Seo-Hyun sees that the umbrella is a limited edition. Ja-Kyeong smiles to tell Seo-Hyun that it’s a knockoff. Seo-Hyun sees the bag Ja-Kyeong holds. She thinks it’s very expensive. Ja-Kyeong bows to Seo-Hyun. She leaves.

Hi-Soo is doing flower arrangement. But her hand is hurt. Ja-Kyeong shows up and bows to Hi-Soo. Hi-Soo learns that the woman is the new teacher, and welcomes her. Ji-Yong shows up and gives Hi-Soo a kiss. She introduces Ja-Kyeong to him.

Ja-Kyeong promises to take care of Ha-Joon well. But Ji-Yong walks away. Hi-Soo explains that her husband is very shy. She cooks the food for Ja-Kyeong. She tells her that her son likes the food. Ja-Kyeong tastes the food, and tells Hi-Soo that it’s delicious.

Hi-Soo smiles. She grabs Ja-Kyeong’s hand, and asks her for looking after her son. She reveals there’s a family dinner and Ha-Joon cannot attend it. Ha-Joon shows up and hugs Hi-Soo. She takes him to the second floor. Soon-Hye sings the song. But the song is hard to her. So she asks the follower to change the song.

Hi-Soo chooses a pretty dress. Ja-Kyeong spots it and walks away. Jin-Ho asks Seo-Hyun if she changed the seat. She denies and tells him that it was done by Hi-Soo. He adds that his father cannot sit in front of him because he has high blood pressure. Jin-Ho talks back that he has high blood pressure as well. He walks away.

The van arrives at the castle. The workers carry the ingredients out of the van. They carry them to the kitchen. The chefs begin to cook those ingredients. Seong-Tae brings the suit to Suk-Chul when the doctor checks Suk-Chul’s blood pressure.

Seo-Hyun arrives at the banquet. She finds out that Jin-Ho switched the seats. Ja-Kyeong walks by when the families are eating. She walks in the living room and sees the foods on the table. She picks up one of the meat, and eats it up.

Yu-Yeon bows to Ja-Kyeong because she mistakes her as the madam. Ja-Kyeong laughs to deny it. But she likes her new title. The maid shows up and scolds Ja-Kyeong for eating the meat. Ja-Kyeong thinks it’s food so that she can eat it. She walks away.

The families drink wine. Soon-Hye mentions Mi-Ja liked the wine. Jin-Hee reminds Hi-Soo that she needs to send Ha-Joon to study abroad.

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